• Sponsor a rebuilder for a brighter future in Syria

    Sponsor a rebuilder for a brighter future in Syria

    You’ve heard the saying: Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Millions of Syrians urgently need food, but after more than six years of brutal devastation, young Syrians need education if they are to become the rebuilders their country needs.

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  • SALT World Relief Campaign

    SALT World Relief Campaign

    The Ghouta Medical Institute will be a 2-year laboratory/anesthesia program with the goal of producing trained medical teams to replenish the field hospitals (sponsored by PRHD) in the Eastern Ghouta. It will provide educational opportunities to 90 high-achieving graduates with a desire to pursue a career in health care. Funds will be spent on service expenses, student materials, transportation fuel, and instructor salaries.

  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Orphan Sponsorship

    The Promise Orphan Sponsorship Program works to support orphaned Syrian children who have lost their parents and/or source of income due to the ongoing violence in Syria. Oftentimes, Syrian orphans are forced into labor to survive and provide for their siblings. Furthermore, orphaned children are particularly vulnerable to various forms of abuse and exploitation.

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  • The Medical Program

    The Medical Program

    The Promise Medical Program sponsors medical professionals in a variety of fields who have chosen to remain in Syria and work in makeshift and/or field hospitals. Medical teams comprised of physicians, nurses, and technicians put them selves at great risk of violence by continuing to treat patients.

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  • Food Assistance Program

    Food Assistance Program

    The prolonged conflict in Syria has caused a humanitarian crisis in which food is the top priority. PRHD sends food baskets to the most needy families throughout various regions of Syria to ensure that these families don't go to sleep hungry. Lately PRHD distributed 2 pounds of sheep meat to each family serving approximately 15,000 individuals who ordinarily have no access to meat products otherwise.

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  • Education Program

    Education Program

    In a country torn apart by war and grief, education provides the opportunity for students to leave such difficulties behind them when they enter the classroom and build a brighter future. Read More
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Promise Relief and Human Development has made previous trips to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan to provide coats, food and other assistance to refugees. The group delivered 1,200 food baskets during its last visit
Kawamleh, who is from southern Syria, and his colleagues felt a need to do something, so they established the Promise Relief and Human Development fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to aid residents of the Daraa.
Kawahmleh talked about how poorly some of the refugees were treated by neighboring soldiers at the camps. She told one story of a man badly beaten in front of his family for asking for water. .
PRHD is a nonprofit, non political, non religious movement for constructive social change and community empowerment through education, healthcare, and basic economic development.
To become a center for excellence known for its compassionate progressive grassroots based programs in relief and human development.We will operate with core values that include: Honesty, accountability, transparency, and responsibility.