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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 08:18

Message for our followers

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I have a personal message I would like to deliver to all of our followers: These are very difficult times in ‪#‎Syria‬ and there are millions of Syrians currently living through terrible times. Our brothers and sisters that have left Syria to other countries have no homes for their children. They have no food to feed their hungry children at night. Some families have no man to shelter them. They are not welcomed in the countries they flee to and they're treated as second class citizens. They are made fun and looked down upon. No help or aid is reaching them. Some of the woman are being raped by people looking to take advantage of the situation. Brothers and sisters, some of the worst off refugees are those in Jordan because they are so badly forgotten! There are OVER 1 Million Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Can you even imagine that? That'll soon be 1/4 of the population of the country! The refugees that are the MOST needy have to much pride and dignity to beg for food and money so they are left off dying from starvation. All the aid that is supposedly send by the UN is being stolen by the Jordanian government and I literally witnessed this occurring with my own eyes! The month of Ramadan is approaching brothers and sisters, and whether your are Muslim or not doesn't matter, for most of the refugees are Muslim and WILL be fasting. There was Religious Talk Show on TV when people were calling in to ask the Sheikh questions, and one of the callers was a Syrian refugee and he asked the Sheikh, "Is it Halal for me to fast if I have no food to break my fast with." The Sheikh broke into tears and couldn't even answer his question. Brothers and sisters, by the will of God, I have delivered aid to the Syrian Refugees in Jordan before and know where the families most in need are located. I will be PERSONALLY delivering food baskets to these families this Ramadan to ensure they have food to break their fast with! Many of these families don't even homes to live in and that's why I will be going street by street and delivering these food baskets directly to these families. You CAN help and make a HUGE difference by donating to our campaign. $50 will feed a family of 7-10 for all of Ramadan, but every dollar you donate will make a HUGE difference. Please select that you are "going" to our event and share the event so other people can see it! I ask you from the bottom of my heart, and this message was straight from my heart. The organization "Promise for Relief and Human Development" is a non-profit and tax deductible.

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Promise Relief and Human Development PRHD is a nonprofit, non political, non religious movement for constructive social change and community empowerment through education, healthcare, and basic economic development.


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Promise Relief and Human Development has made previous trips to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan to provide coats, food and other assistance to refugees. The group delivered 1,200 food baskets during its last visit
Kawamleh, who is from southern Syria, and his colleagues felt a need to do something, so they established the Promise Relief and Human Development fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to aid residents of the Daraa.
Kawahmleh talked about how poorly some of the refugees were treated by neighboring soldiers at the camps. She told one story of a man badly beaten in front of his family for asking for water. .
PRHD is a nonprofit, non political, non religious movement for constructive social change and community empowerment through education, healthcare, and basic economic development.
To become a center for excellence known for its compassionate progressive grassroots based programs in relief and human development.We will operate with core values that include: Honesty, accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

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