In a country torn apart by war, education provides the opportunity for students to leave such difficulties behind them when they enter the classroom and build a brighter future.

Educate an Orphan

Be their Light

Two out of three children in Syria has suffered a severe war-related loass and half of Syria's children are no longer in school.

The orphans you sponsor today are the graduates of tomorrow.

  • Fill an orphan’s mind, heart and stomach with a full sponsorship for only $50/mo ($600/year)
  • Fill an orphan’s arms with books and supplies for only $20/mo
  • Warm an orphan’s hands and heart with a winter kit for only $50

For a Brighter Future in Syria

After more than six years of brutal devastation, young Syrians need education if they are to become the rebuilders of their country.
  • Give the security of full sponsorship for only $50 per month.
  • Ensure a student’s safety while traveling to and from class by sponsoring their transportation for only $40 per month.
  • Give a student the world by sponsoring their internet access for only $25 per month.
  • Provide a student with a laptop for $350
Educate an Orphan
Educate an Orphan

Help Syria Rise

Even though bombs destroyed their schools, and their students were killed or scattered to refugee camps teachers stayed in Syria.

You can help:
  • Support a PhD-level professor for only $500/month
  • Support a Master’s-level instructor for only $300/month
  • Support a guidance counselor for only $150/month
  • Support a custodian or school staffer for only $75/month

Provide a Haven for Learning

Countless Syrian libraries have been bombed robbing communities of safe spaces to study, explore and imagine a better future.

Help create this island of peace and learning.

  • Equip students with a computer terminal for only $60/month ($720 each)
  • Support a librarian for only $75/month
  • Build a study nook with a desk, chair and lamp for only $60
Rebuild a Library


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