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To be small, afraid and lonely in a war zone…what could be worse?

The conflict that has raged for more than six years in Syria has stolen away the peace and security children need to flourish. Two out of three children in Syria has suffered a severe war-related loss such as a family member, their home or their health. And fully half of Syria’s children are no longer in school.

Their picture is dark, but you have the power to shine a light.

With the help of generous donors like you, Promise Orphan Sponsorship Program has been supporting Syrian orphans in Homs, Ghouta, Daraa, and Quneitra since 2012. These orphans enrolled in elementary, middle, and high schools are required to attend school in order to receive a stipend and the school supplies they need.

We value consistency above all else, supporting orphans through to graduation and adulthood. Our current primary and secondary students will one day apply and matriculate at Promise College.

The orphans you sponsor today are the graduates of tomorrow

  • Fill an orphan’s mind, heart and stomach with a full sponsorship for only $50/mo ($600/year)
  • Fill an orphan’s arms with books and supplies for only $20/mo
  • Warm an orphan’s hands and heart with a winter kit for only $50

Their picture is dark but


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