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Rebuild a haven for learning, hope and connection

Inside a library’s peaceful hush, so many good things happen. Imagining, learning, connecting. Just what a community needs when recovering from a war.

Countless Syrian schools and libraries have been bombed since the war started in 2011, robbing communities of safe spaces to study, plan, explore and imagine a better future.

Libraries and cultural centers play an invaluable role in civil society. Whether serving as a venue for public lectures on social issues, providing educational resources to students and teachers, or offering a respite from violence and chaos, libraries are vital for communities to flourish.

That’s why PRHD invites you to be part of rebuilding a community library in Daraa, Syria. With books salvaged from the ruins, PRHD is rehabbing a building where students can prepare for their exams and children can snuggle with a parent while reading a picture book. Through relevant and timely public programming, an array of literature for public perusal, technical supplies like projectors and screens, and comfortable study spaces, we can create an island of peace and learning for students, faculty, and community members alike. 

Help create this island of peace and learning.

  • Equip students with a computer terminal for only $60/month ($720 each)
  • Support a librarian for only $75/month
  • Build a study nook with a desk, chair and lamp for only $60
    • Two study nooks: $120
    • Five study nooks: $300
    • Ten study nooks: $600

Help create this

island of peace and learning

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