Sponsor a Rebuilder

Sponsor a Rebuilder


You’ve heard the saying: Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

Millions of Syrians urgently need food, but after more than six years of brutal devastation, young Syrians need education if they are to become the rebuilders their country needs.

In more than six years of brutal conflict, Syrian university and secondary students have found their studies disrupted and their futures in question. After surviving the destruction of entire towns and villages, being forced to flee from bombing raids and the prospect of forced recruitment, and wondering where their next meal - let alone their tuition - will come from, Syria’s college-age population faces tremendous barriers, including the dangers they face traveling to and from class.

But you can help.

Your support of Syria’s rebuilders, undergraduate students, both male and female, through PRHD can help them overcome. From fees to online access and even safe transportation, you can make college accessible for Syrian students on whom the future of Syria depends.

  • Give the security of full sponsorship by covering a student’s full tuition for only $50 per month.
  • Ensure a student’s safety while traveling to and from class by sponsoring their transportation for only $40 per month.
  • Give a student the world by sponsoring their internet access for only $25 per month.
  • Provide a student with a laptop for $350

Syria’s future doctors, teachers, engineers, urban planners, psychologists, programmers and poets need you today. Don’t let them down.

Your Support, Their Success

Elias, a former communications engineering student who joined an armed militia, set down his weapon and enrolled at Promise College to continue his studies. Your support arms him with knowledge and opportunity. The option for peace is our Promise.

Islam, a female medical student before the war, abandoned her studies when fighting made her commute too hazardous. But when Promise College opened she enrolled in Health Sciences to pursue her dream of becoming a physician. Your donation allows her to travel safely in a campus bus. Syria needs brave, committed health professionals. Your support, her success.

Sponsor A Rebuilder


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