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Support an educator, help Syria rise

Even though bombs destroyed their schools, and their students were killed or scattered to refugee camps, these teachers stayed in Syria.

The professors, technical instructors, guidance counselors and academic faculty at Promise Relief’s schools and colleges have stayed in their country against unimaginable odds. Instead of fleeing to safety, they held their ground. All they want is to educate a new generation of Syrians and see their country peaceful and flourishing again.

You can help.

By sponsoring a salary and equipment stipend for a teacher or guidance counselor, you can help these brave, committed educators remain in Syria where they are desperately needed and teach the country’s rebuilders. Guidance counselors help students heal from trauma and consult with families to make the education of girls and young women accessible. Educators are the leavening that Syria needs if it is to rise again.

  • Support a PhD-level professor for only $500/month
  • Support a Master’s-level instructor for only $300/month
  • Support a guidance counselor for only $150/month
  • Support a custodian or school staffer for only $75/month

Support an educator

help Syria rise

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