Goals for 2018

Establish an electrical engineering laboratory in Nawa, Daraa in collaboration with Syrian-American Engineers Association. The beneficiaries include PRHD electrical engineering students, faculty and staff.It will cost $11,000+ to establish a laboratory for students to use as they carry out experiments, prepare engineering drawings, and test different designs.



  • Sponsored a soccer game for the students of Promise College that provided students with an opportunity to work in small teams and develop constructive goals and skills. Sports programs are a powerful method of building resilience and conflict resolution skills.
  • October 2, 2017 - our first class of 75 students graduated from the College of Education and were honored in a commencement ceremony in Msayfra, Daraa.
  • October 4 - another 175 students graduated in Nawa, Daraa. The graduates are qualified to teach in local Syrian elementary, middle, and high schools. Almost 20 of our graduates have been offered jobs as instructors in their area of concentration at local educational institutions. 250 Students total graduated this year.
  • Continued supporting the medical education of students in their now 2nd year at the Hope Underground project in Ghouta, Syria with support in the sum of $5,000/month.

  • Partnered with SALT Valparaiso University on the 31st World Relief Campaign to provide 90 students with an educational opportunity to train at the Ghouta Medical Institute as part of the Hope Underground initiative. These 90 students will undergo 2-year intensive training as medical technicians and anesthetists and who will, upon graduation, replenish the medical teams in PRHD field hospitals that are struggling with medical staff shortages. PRHD supported the institute with $40,000 to produce fuel, exam materials, administrative and educational supplies, transportation and salaries for instructors.
  • Spent $3000 to feed fasting civilians during Ramadan inside Syria.
  • Supported 1 college in the suburbs of northern Aleppo through Aleppo University. 
  • Offered three technical courses in water supply management, safety, pump maintenance, and power line and station repairs. These courses were led by qualified experts and professions with the aim of improving public health.
  • Continued the orphan sponsorship program, supporting 366 orphans in Homs, Ghouta, Daraa and Quneitra for the 5th consecutive year with $50/month for food, clothing, and school supplies. Support was conditional on school attendance as a way of ensuring student attendance. 
  • Successfully established and maintained 2 colleges in Daraa & Quneitra. PRHD focused the majority of its expenditure, over $200,000, on the two colleges in Quneitra and Daraa. PRHD had 1,836 students working towards Career Certificates, Associates and Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering, Counseling & Psychology, English & Arabic Language, Education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Sciences. PRHD employed 60+ Syrian academics who lost their jobs during the conflict. All faculty have PhD’s or Master’s degrees with 10+ years of experience in academia.



  • Provided $10,000 worth of emergency aid and winter supplies to Syrian refugees in camps in Idlib, Syria. These camps were other-wise neglected during the harsh winter.
  • In collaboration with Team i-Care, delivered over $51,800 to Syrian refugees in Lebanon following the 2015 winter snow storm in which multiple refugees, including children, froze to death. PRHD members personally purchased supplies and journeyed to the mountains of Lebanon to ensure the proper distribution of supplies to civilian refugees. 
  • Sponsors 300 orphans with $50/month for food, clothing, and school supplies. We spent a total of $120,447 supporting orphans in 2015 for the 4th consecutive year.
  • Sponsored 108 physicians and nurses as well as providing medical supplies to field hospitals. We spent $189,492 total on supporting medical projects and staff inside Syria in 2015.
  • Provided a total of $148,000 worth of food assistance to civilians in multiple regions inside Syria.
  • Provided $10,000 worth of winter supplies to western Ghouta, Syria.
  • Provided $32,000 worth of food assistance to families in Talbisa, Homs.
  • Provided $10,000 worth of support for the Idlib Refugee Camp.
  • Provided $5,000 worth of support for the Zayzoun Refugee Camp.
  • Provided $12,000 worth of medical supplies for field hospitals and clinics in Ghouta, Syria.
  • Provided $5,000 worth of food assistance for families in Qatana, Syria.
  • Provided $5,000 worth of food assistance for displaced families in Latakia, Syria.
  • Provided $3,000 worth of medical supplies for field hospitals and clinics in Quneitra, Syria
  • Provided $24,000 worth of food assistance for displaced populations in Nawa, Syria
  • Provided $3,000 worth of medical assistance to the Mzereeb Field Hospital in Daraa, Syria
  • Provided $5,000 worth of food assistance to families in Kafar Shams, Syria.
  • Provided $30,000 worth of infants formula milk for besieged infants in Ghouta, Syria.
  • As a shift in our organization we started education programs in 2015. We had always included education in our founding vision, however we had found it intimidating to start working in the education sector. In 2015, we took the jump and haven’t looked back since then. We started planning and coordinating with the Syrian Interim Government and with our partners on the ground inside Syria to form a Board of Education in Daraa, Syria. The Syrian Interim Government developed and provided the educational curriculum and standards we would use. Meanwhile, our team found two buildings in Daraa and Quneitra to serve as academic campuses. We had an educational committee that determined the administrative structure of the colleges. Then we proceeded to announce a competition for the selection of the faculty members that would comprise each academic department. Having done so, we raised and sent the funds for the salaries and supplies for the first academic year. We then announced a competition for student applications to the colleges.
  • Accepted 670 students of the 2100 applicants and hired 38 instructors out of 185 applicants.
  • The intimidating feature of our vision was finally taking shape and our first students entered Promise College in 2015.
  • We sponsored the first year of University of Aleppo with $60,000 to support faculty, staff and students. We also supported students in Eastern Ghouta with $30,000 worth of school supplies, facilitating the education of hundreds of children. We ran multiple technical training courses in electrical power station maintenance for $3,500 in southern Syria.

  • Provided $10,000 worth of food baskets to the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria which was besieged for several months leading to starvation crises.
  • Donated 3,260 pounds of infants formula milk to areas besieged in the suburbs of Damascus [Douma].
  • Donated $5,000 worth of food baskets to 100 families in Saqba, Damascus.
  • Donated $2,000/month in bread subsidies to provide bread for displaced families in Msayfra, Daraa.
  • Provided $10,000 worth of winter clothing and school supplies to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Provided $15,000+ worth of emergency aid to internally displaced Syrians inside Syria
  • Provided 4,822 meals to families in Eastern Ghouta to break their fast on during Ramadan.
  • Provided $5,000 worth of food baskets to 100 families in al-Marj, Ghouta, Syria.
  • Provided $6,000 worth of food baskets to 120 families in Ghouta, Syria through Ghaith Foundation.
  • Distributed 2 lbs of sheep meat to families in Quneitra, Daraa, Damascus, and Suburbs of Damascus feeding 15,000 individuals who ordinarily have no access to meat products. The majority of the udhiya was distributed in the Amal Refugee Camp in Quneitra, Syria.
  • Provided $10,000 to the Eastern Ghouta Relief Office to provide 200 food baskets for 200 families.
  • Provided $6,000 worth of food baskets to besieged civilians in Talbisa, Homs in Syria.



  • We immediately responded to a massacre in Banias, Syria by providing $5,000 worth of emergency food aid to civilians fleeing the city.
  • Sponsors about 50 physicians inside Syria who are medical specialists including surgeons, OB/GYN/ and orthopedics. 10 of the physicians are located in Aleppo, Syria.
  • Provided three medical ventilators, the first of their type, to field hospitals in Daraa, Syria. These ventilators were critical to facilitating emergency surgeries.
  • Provided 6 water purification systems to field hospitals in Raqqa. Tabaqa, Deir Ezzor
  • Provided ambulance to Tal-Shehab Field Hospital for transportation of wouned civilians to Jordan
  • Provided $10,000 worth of orthopedic surgical equipment to Maarba Field Hospital in Daraa, Syria
  • Provided Syrian physicians with UpToDate medical software to help them proide better care for patients in field hospitals. UpToDate is a premier evidence based clinical decision support resource trusted worldwide by healthcare providers.
  • Provided field hospitals in the suburbs of Damascus [Ghouta] with $10,000 worth of electrical generators and fuel. These hospitals have been dealing with constant power outages under siege and forced to depend on fuel generators, leading to severe fuel shortages.
  • Summer 2013 - Ramadan - A significant escalation of violence led to a large population of Syrians fleeing to Jordan as refugees during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in which observant Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Many Syrians had no food to break their fast on. PRHD held emergency fundraisers raising over $60,000 providing 800 food baskets to internally displaced Syrians along the border and 400 food baskets to refugees in Jordan, for a total of 1,200 food baskets feeding a total of 8,400 individuals. While in Jordan, we received word of an urgent need for infants formula milk inside Syria and PRHD responded by providing 1000+ cans of formula to 5 field hospitals inside Syria where they were distributed to civlians in need.

  • Sponsored 100 orphaned children on a monthly basis to provide for their food, clothing, and school supplies. This program is ongoing through 2017.
  • Supported Shifa Medical Foundation, a field hospital in Douma, Syria since November 2012 with $32,000 of medical supplies for the following medical departments: orthopedic, ENT, Urology, Vascular, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Neurosurgery, OB/GYN, Rehab, Lab, Pharmacy, Dental
  • Supported Isa Ajaj field hospital with $10,000 to provide fuel for generators, medical equipment, and medication enabling the hospital to provide free high quality medical care to local civilians.
  • Provided $5000 worth of medication to a primary health care clinic in western Daraa.
  • November 2012 - Provided 600 winter jackets to Syrian refugees both inside and outside the refugee camps in Jordan.
  • Winter 2012 - Raised over $50,000 in less than 2 days and took an emergency trip to the refugee camps in Jordan where thousands lived in tents with little protection against the harsh cold and record-low temperatures. PRHD distributed 1000+ winter jackets and 1000+ food baskets that could feed a family of 7-10 for an entire month- feeding a total of 7,000 refugees for one month.
  • Provides 100 food baskets to internally displaced families in Daraa city on a monthly basis.
  • Provided over 400 food baskets to internally displaced civilians in Nawa, Daraa at the height of violence between opposition and regime forces.
  • Provided over 100 food baskets to civilians in Deir Ezzor, Syria, a region oft-neglected by humanitarian aid agencies.
  • Donates $2,000/month in bread subsidies to provide bread for displaced families in Msayfra, Daraa.


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